491Jeremy is an leading and experienced barrister specialising in Serious Injury and Professional Indemnity. His other area of focus is Property and commerce .


    Jeremy is available to do available to run independent training courses and in house training sessions.


    Membership Status: Barrister – Tenant
    Qualified:1987 (England and Wales)
    Tel: 020 3239 0772
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  •  27 years experience of advocacy, drafting and advising as a Barrister in all tribunals from the internal disciplinary to the HIgh Court and Court of Appeal.

    2 Years experience as an in house barrister for what is now DLA in high value multi party commercial and engineering litigation.

    LLB Leeds University 1984

    27 years experience of advocacy, drafting and advising in all tribunals from the internal disciplinary to the HIgh Court and Court of Appeal.

    Mediation-over 12 years experience of Mediation as a representative and negotiator and for 8 years as an Accredited Mediator in a wide range of predominantly commercial disputes.

    Civil work for individuals and SME’s ranging from professional negligence to property and commerce

  • What Clients have said about Jeremy’s qualities:

    “Calm demeanour and acuity”
    “Clarity and good humour”
    “Extremely knowledgable and adept”
    “Eloquent, polite and extremely skillful”
    “Gave me complete confidence”
    “First class”

  • Civil and commercial litigation:-

    Property, construction and commercial disputes, involving conveyancing, landlord and tenant, easements, boundaries, covenants, contractual disputes, sale of goods, franchises, commercial agency and also the partnership and directors’ disputes which precede or follow such matters together with procedures for interim injunctions and winding up applications.

    Professional negligence,

    Solicitors, barristers, legal executives, para legals . Allegations of poor advice or omissions in property, construction and commercial transactions, conveyancing, landlord and tenant, easements, boundaries, covenants, failure to draw up wills leaving disappointed legatees, and plain wrong advice and drafting in, finance, mortgages and consumer credit matters. I also attend to the partnership and director’s indemnities and contributions which often precede or follow, together with procedures of interim injunctions and winding up applications where necessary and appropriate.

    Architects, Surveyors Engineers and Valuers

    Missed defects, reckless valuations, and certifications, catastrophic collapses- I advise, draft, prosecute defend or mediate. 

    Medical and Dental Mistakes

    Detailed and specific experience of claims over, orthopaedic accidents, delays and misdiagnoses; failure to refer symptoms or diagnose cancers, catastrophic complications in heart bypass operations, failure to identify or treat post operative infections, including MRSA, complications before, during and after birth for both mother and baby, complications of cosmetic surgery and adequacy of consent, implant complications and other medical products, delayed or misdiagnosis of meningitis and legionnaires disease; complications of vasectomies, hysterectomies, bladder and bowel functions; and a full range of dental negligence.

    Financial irregularities and insolvency

    IVA Supervisors, Administrators, Receivers and Trustees in Bankruptcy

    Claims for breach of contract or breaches of statutory duty in mishandling funds, assets and.

    • The Professional Negligence Bar Association
    • Personal Injury Bar Association.


  • Reported cases 

    • The Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation v Carvel & Anor, Court of Appeal – Chancery Division, June 11, 2007, [2007] EWHC 1314 (Ch),[2007] 4 All ER 81
    • International probate dispute over American Ice Cream fortune estimated at $350,000
    • Gallaher International Limited v Tlais Enterprises Limited , Ptolomeos Tlais [2008]EWHC 2046
    • International tobacco agency dispute with allegations of titanic levels of smuggling and conspiracy.
    • Biffa Waste Services Limited v Ali Dinler and Others [2013] EWCH 3582 (QB) 2013 WL 5336572
    • High Court procedural decision on post Jackson reforms, precursor to and fully anticipating Mitchell in the Court of Appeal.

    Unreported cases of note and interest

    •  Legionnaires’ disease: Negotiated 7 settlements, culminating with an award in one case, of £300,000, a current UK record
    • Housing Authority action arising from breach contract of sub-contractors : When scientific literature was lacking, commissioned original research on two aspects of the claim at two separate UK universities. The authority was obliged to settle on the last day of trial for 25 times claimant’s initial offer.
    • PPI- litigation. One of the very few counsel who actually conducted trials as well as prosecuting claims to settlement.