South Africa – Dual Citizenship

Homecoming-Revolution-Dual-Citizenship-300x210Retaining citizenship is something that may be a necessity for a lot South Africans living in the UK and elsewhere. There will be those who need to return for business, family and other personal reasons.

Equally important may be the need to establish or retain ties to the UK. While the UK does not define dual citizenship as such, it allows a person to hold more than one passport if they hold a British one.

South Africa appears to be going out of its way to control the freedom of its citizens. There could be a debate as whether the new Act is constitutional. while Embassy websites lead one  to believe that its a simply process of filly in a one page for prior to obtaining a second citizenship and a normal cost of around £25, this is not quite the case.

Here are some of the facts and myths unravelled:

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